Updated: Nov. 3, 2006


U.S. Senate

Dem: Thomas R. Carper


Rep: Jan C. Ting

Voters: 557,703 Democrat--44% Republican--32% other--24%    

Carper is having his most trouble-free race since his automatic-pilot run for governor in 1992. Ting, who barely survived what should have been a nominal primary, is no threat to keep him from a record-setting 12th statewide victory Safe Democrat
U.S. House of Representatives Rep: Michael N. Castle

Dem: Dennis Spivack

Voters: 557,703 Democrat--44% Republican--32% other--24%    

It is a Democratic year, Delaware is a blue state, Castle was out of commission for three weeks, and Spivack still failed to show up on the national radar screens as a possible Democratic pickup Safe Republican
Attorney General Dem: Joseph R. "Beau" Biden III

Rep: Ferris W. Wharton

Voters: 557,703 Democrat--44% Republican--32% other--24%    

Republicans have shown they can damage Biden on the airwaves, but this one will be won or lost on the ground by the party that does better in getting out its vote Leans Democrat
Treasurer Dem: Jack A. Markell

Rep: Esthelda R. Parker Selby

Voters: 557,703 Democrat--44% Republican--32% other--24%    

His "I Back Jack" signs do not say what office he is running for. Maybe he will leave them up and get started right away on governor Safe Democrat
Auditor Rep: R. Thomas Wagner Jr.

Dem: Michael J. Dalto

Voters: 557,703 Democrat--44% Republican--32% other--24%    

Wagner could win this one even if he was caught with an abacus Safe Republican

State Senate

The 21-member Senate has 13 Democrats and eight Republicans. There are 11 seats up for four-year terms. Six senators have no major party opposition, including five Democrats (Adams, Bunting, Cook, McBride, Peterson) and one Republican (Connor)

1st Senate Dem: Harris B. McDowell III

Rep: Gregory T. Chambers

Voters: 27,884

Democrat--51% Republican--26%


The real race was settled when McDowell won a primary against City Councilman Charles Potter Jr. in this decidedly Democratic district Safe Democrat
5th Senate Rep: Catherine A. Cloutier

Dem: Patricia Morrison

Voters: 27,347

Democrat--40% Republican--36%


Cloutier is a fixture in Brandywine Hundred Safe Republican
8th Senate Dem: David P. Sokola

Rep. Michael J. Ramone

Voters: 26,368

Democrat--37% Republican--37%


After nearly winning in 2002, Ramone came out charging for the rematch, but Sokola has been ruthless in his countercharge Tossup
14th Senate Dem: James T. Vaughn Sr.

Rep: John Feroce

Voters: 30,825

Democrat--44% Republican--31%


At 81, Vaughn is aging and ailing, but political insiders are rallying to carry him across the finish line if they have to Likely Democrat

State House of Representatives

The 41-member House of Representatives has 25 Republicans, 15 Democrats and one independent who used to be a Republican and is retiring. All seats are up for two-year terms. There are 17 races without major party opposition, including eight for the Republicans (Booth, Ewing, Lee, Maier, Miro, Oberle, Stone and Thornburg) and nine for the Democrats (Ennis, Gilligan, Johnson, Keeley, Marshall, Plant, Schooley, Viola and Williams)

4th Rep Dem: Gerald L. Brady

Rep: Gary C. Linarducci

Voters: 15,412

Democrat--44% Republican--32%


In a Democratic city in a Democratic year, there is probably too much to overcome for Linarducci to keep Brady, a city councilman, from winning a seat held for 20 years by Rep. Joseph G. DiPinto, a Republican who retired Likely Democratic
9th Rep Rep: Richard C. Cathcart

Dem: Rebecca Walker


Voters: 16,602

Democrat--41% Republican--35%



Walker is a lawyer and a nurse. The last time Cathcart ran against a nurse, it was Bethany Hall-Long, and she got so close the Republicans created a district for her to save Cathcart. A respectable showing from Walker in '06 could make this one a race in '08 Likely Republican
10th Rep Rep: Robert J. Valihura Jr.

Dem: Francis J. Murphy Jr.

Voters: 15,484

Democrat--40% Republican--37%


Once upon a time, Brandywine Hundred was a Republican stronghold, but it is drifting Democratic. If Murphy loses this time, the Democrats like his chances in a rematch in '08 Likely Republican
13th Rep Dem: John L. "Larry" Mitchell Jr.

Rep: John Jaremchuk Jr.

Voters: 12,284

Democrat--53% Republican--20%


Mitchell was tested in a primary in the race to replace retiring Democrat Rep. John F. Van Sant. Jaremchuk has made a name for himself as an immigration hard-liner, but this district is a Democratic hard-liner Safe Democrat
18th Rep Rep: Terry R. Spence

Dem: Michael A. Barbieri

Voters: 11,930

Democrat--49% Republican--26%


Spence, the longest-serving speaker in state history, is targeted, but he probably has too many friends in the labor movement to lose this time. Barbieri may use this run as a warm-up for a better showing in '08 Likely Republican
20th Rep Rep: Nick Manolakos

Dem: Richard J. Korn

Voters: 14,890

Democrat--34% Republican--40%


Manolakos showed his strength by knocking out an endorsed Republican in a primary that was tantamount to winning the election to replace Rep. Roger P. Roy, a 30-year Republican Safe Republican
25th Rep Rep: Stephanie A. Ulbrich

Dem: John Kowalko

Voters: 10,771

Democrat--41% Republican--31%


This is a rematch of a 2004 race that Ulbrich won with 58 percent of the vote, and there is no reason she cannot win again Safe Republican
30th Rep Rep: William R. "Bobby" Outten

Dem: Robert E. "Gene" Price Jr.

Voters: 12,214

Democrat--38% Republican--37%


The best time to go after an incumbent is his first term, so the Democrats are. Their candidate is Harrington's mayor, who wanted to run in 2004 but lost the Democratic primary Likely Republican
33rd Rep Rep: Ulysses S. Grant

Dem: Robert E. Walls

Voters: 13,958

Democrat--37% Republican--37%


Grant was a surprise winner in a primary against a Kent County Levy Court commissioner. He is up against a candidate the Democrats really like in the race to succeed G. Wallace Caulk Jr., the Republican-turned-independent who is retiring Leans Democrat
34th Rep Rep: Donald A. Blakey

Dem: M. Jeanine Kleimo

Voters: 14,132

Democrat--38% Republican--38%


Kleimo is giving Blakey a surprisingly tough race in what was supposed to be a smooth move for him off the Kent County Levy Court to replace retiring Republican Rep. Gerald A. Buckworth and become the first African-American legislator below the canal Leans Republican
39th Rep Rep: Daniel B. Short

Dem: Richard J. Sternberg

Voters: 10,536

Democrat--40% Republican--39%


The accession appears inevitable for Short, running as the heir apparent to  88-year-old Rep. Tina Fallon, a 14-term Republican who is retiring Safe Republican
41st Rep Rep: John C. Atkins

Dem: Barbara A. Lifflander

Voters: 14,431

Democrat--42% Republican--38%


Atkins was coasting until he delivered an "October Surprise" on himself by getting arrested in a domestic dispute with his wife Likely Republican

Incumbents in bold, registration as of Nov. 1