Posted: Dec. 20, 2013

Have you ever tried to find your legislators' voting record?

I went to the state of Delaware Web site (legis.delaware.gov) and could not find it anywhere. Yes, I could find how they voted on an individual bill and votes by day, but there was nothing in it about a compiled voting record.

I found that you have to contact the legislator you are checking up on, and if they agree (not kidding), they will have one sent to you. I don't want my legislator to know I'm checking up on him. These are powerful people.

This needs to be ready and available on the state Web site for all to see. It can only help get good legislators re-elected. The public deserves access to legislators' official voting record on the state Web site.

Dr. Michael Schierl


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Posted: Feb. 23, 2011

Screaming women and character-assassinating men dominated the Republican meeting at Del Tech's Carter Hall on Wednesday evening, Feb. 16.

The double standard and dichotomy began when Acting Chairman Vance Phillips stated that he needed a parliamentarian and immediately appointed Brent Wangen, an individual many people thought was a registered Libertarian, not a Republican. There was no review of Brent's credentials, no motion to permit him to serve. Yet when Chairman Ron Sams did the very same thing prior to the January 2011 meeting, Mr. Sams was verbally castigated, and the parliamentarian, Bruce Fitzgerald, was pressured to resign for "the good of the party."

Motions were made, a substitute agenda approved, and the character assassination of Chairman Sams began. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud! The very same actions, or "lack thereof," had been practiced by the three previous Sussex County regional chairs!

So what was different now? A hidden agenda had to be fulfilled. The media were invited, whereas in previous situations, the media were asked to leave and the doors were closed. The hidden agenda became very obvious. Media were present to record the character assassination and the walkout, which occurred when Tom Ross, the state chair, began to speak, in an effort to publicly disgrace and force elected officials to resign from their non-paying jobs. Does anyone remember when the primary election results became available in September 2010?

Vance Phillips telephoned WGMD to say that Ron Sams, Tom Ross and Priscilla Rakestraw, the national committeewoman, and Laird Stabler, the national committeeman, "had to go" and that the "Delaware Republican Party will never be the same." Aren't those the same words that came out of the mouth of Christine O'Donnell when she lost the Senate seat in the election?

Having witnessed the effort to embarrass Sams and Ross, I wanted to hear the additional chapter in the effort to dismantle the party. WBOC carried the planned character attack on the 11 p.m. news Wednesday evening.

The following afternoon, I even turned on WGMD after the 3 p.m. news to hear what Bill Colley would say. Colley stated that he led a "walkout" when Tom Ross began to speak, and indeed he did, as a half dozen or so folks followed him out the door, and Colley stated they left the door open to hear what was being said. Colley's rude behavior and continued character assassination seems to be the new norm for those few who choose to follow him. Several dozen of us turn the dial or literally turn off WGMD after the 3 p.m. news.

On the positive side, it is very exciting to see the passion and increased numbers of people interested in Republican politics. I do, however, wish the thug tactics (with actual threats of bodily harm or on the case of Sams and Ross, character assassination) would stop. Does "praying" behavior apply to politics or are they only words to be spoken? I wish that civility and respect for others would return to Sussex.

Mary Spicer

President, Delaware Federation of Republican Women



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Posted: July 28, 2010

Phil Gramm's quotes speak volumes about the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

He worries more about the taxpayers who are doing fine with shelter, food and clothing and less about those who can't afford those things and must be helped.

But I guess that goes back to his feeling that the recession was something to just whine about.

He should stay in Texas with his millions and stop complaining. I also can't believe that he is so worried about the past 18 months that he says he has never lived in an America like he has lived in the past 18 months. Yeh, he probably lived better with his millions and is worried about paying higher taxes.

His quotes make him a joke at best.

Leo Strine Sr.


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Posted: July 28, 2010

I feel comfortable in guessing 50 to 75 percent of registered Republicans and Democrats have no idea where their candidate stands on the issues. They simply vote party line in the general elections. If Brent Wangen [Libertarian congressional candidate] could do the unthinkable and win a major party primary, I think we would be the better for it.

Primary voters follow politics more and tend to gravitate further to the left and right than the general population. If Mr. Wangen could tap into the Ron Paul/Libertarian segment of the Republican voters, he could make a name for himself heading into the general election.

Could he get 20 percent or more in the primary? I don't know, but I'm guessing the Delaware GOP doesn't want to find out.

Libertarians are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. They would appeal to both liberals and conservatives.

Given that 95 percent of the voters will only pull the lever for a major party candidate, I don't see where giving the voters more choices hurts anyone. Perhaps people could actually vote for someone for once.

Jim Holliday

Brandywine Hundred


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Posted: March 20, 2010

In the March 19 column about the candidates for state treasurer, Delaware Grapevine wrote, "Flowers looks at himself as treasurer and sees a shadow governor."

The Flowers for Treasurer Campaign wants to make clear that this characterization is the opinion of Delaware Grapevine, and it does not accurately represent the position of Chip Flowers or his campaign.

At no time during the interview with Delaware Grapevine did Mr. Flowers express any desire to be governor of Delaware. Mr. Flowers and the Flowers campaign support the efforts of Gov. Markell to manage state funds responsibly and to promote economic development.

After the successful conclusion of his campaign, Mr. Flowers intends to work cooperatively with Gov. Markell, the members of his administration responsible for finances and economic development, and with the General Assembly to restore prosperity throughout the state of Delaware.

While the Flowers campaign respects the right of writers to express their views on political issues, we believe it is essential to differentiate between the opinions of writers and the positions of candidates.

Larry Nagengast

Senior advisor


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