Delaware Democrats sent 23 delegates out of 4,325 total delegates to the national nominating convention July 26 to July 29 in Boston.

The delegation includes seven automatic super-delegates: Gov. Ruth Ann Minner, U.S. Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., U.S. Sen. Thomas R. Carper, state Chairman Richard H. Bayard, state Vice Chairwoman Leah W. Betts, National Committeeman Bert A. DiClemente and National Committeewoman Karen Valentine.

At a state convention April 3, the party elected 16 delegates: Blaine J. Breeding, Wilmington Council President Theodore Blunt, state Sen. Patricia M. Blevins, Margaret A. Conner, state Sen. Nancy W. Cook, Marilyn J. Doto, Emily Falcon, Chipman L. Flowers Jr., state Sen. Margaret Rose Henry, state Vice Chairman James F. Hussey Jr., Judith A. O'Brien, Wilmington Councilman Norman M. Oliver, Lawrence Smith, Labor Secretary Harold E. Stafford, state Rep. John J. Viola and Lee Ann Walling.

Henry could not attend the convention. She was replaced by Diane Clarke Streett, the New Castle County register of wills.

Delaware Republicans sent 18 delegates out of 2,506 total delegates to the national nominating convention Aug. 30 to Sept. 2 in New York City.

Delegate slots were guaranteed for U.S. Rep. Michael N. Castle, state Chairman Terry A. Strine, National Committeeman W. Laird Stabler Jr. and National Committeewoman Priscilla B. Rakestraw.

At a state convention May 15, the party approved a slate of delegates, including: Sussex County Chairwoman Phyllis M. Byrne, Gregory Chambers, New Castle County Co-chairman Jeffrey E. Cragg, Patty Finlayson, Elizabeth Walker Field, Gregory Gross, Ruth Joyce, state Vice Chairman John R. Matlusky, Kent County Chairman Patrick W. Murray, Stacy Orona, Ronald G. Poliquin, Newark Regional Chairman Michael Ramone, Michele M. Rollins and Denise Rosen.

Orona and Rolllins could not attend the convention. They were replaced by Attorney General M. Jane Brady and Cathy Murray.

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Here are the results of Delaware's Democratic presidential primary:

JOHN F. KERRY 16,729 50.5 %
JOSEPH I. LIEBERMAN 3,683 11.1 %
JOHN R. EDWARDS 3,657 11.0 %
HOWARD B. DEAN 3,439 10.4 %
WESLEY K. CLARK 3,145 9.5 %
ALFRED C. SHARPTON 1,885 5.7 %
OTHERS 265 0.8 %
TOTAL 33,146  
TURNOUT: 15 %  
Source: Commissioner of Elections    

Delaware held a presidential primary on Tuesday, Feb. 3, following the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 19 and the New Hampshire primary on Jan. 27. Six other states voted the same day as Delaware -- Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

Only Delaware Democrats went to the polls. Delaware Republicans opted out of the primary because their party was certain to re-nominate President Bush for a second term.

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Here are the 2004 presidential candidates and their appearances in Delaware since the beginning of the campaign cycle:


President George W. Bush -- 0

Vice President Richard B. Cheney -- 0


John F. Kerry -- Jan. 30 (New Castle)

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