Republicans for Government Responsibility and Openness (ReGRO) 

March 4, 2008

The Honorable Richard C. Cathcart

Delaware House of Representatives
Dover, Del. 19903 

Dear Majority Leader Cathcart:

As Delawareans and as Republicans, we write to express our grave concern with the inclusion in the State Budget’s Epilogue of language that in effect guarantees a state employment position for a close relative of a member of the House.  This practice raises the appearance of an “…effort to realize personal financial gain through public office...” as prohibited by Delaware Code (Title 29 Chapter 10 Section 1001).  

We respectfully suggest that the Republican House Caucus act now to prevent further erosion of public confidence in the State Government, the General Assembly and the House Republican Majority by reaffirming (perhaps through a House Resolution) that members have not and will not use their public office to secure or influence others to secure employment in state government for themselves or for a close relative.  This would not, of course, prohibit a public officeholder or a close relative from seeking employment with a public entity based on individual merit. 

This type of anti-nepotism stand by the House is overdue and will send a clear message to Delaware voters that the Republican Majority is focused on serving the people, rather than any self-interest.  It would also complement Republicans’ ongoing efforts to make government in Dover more open and accountable to the taxpayer. 

Our Republican majority in the House is in jeopardy.  Yet we can make no claim to retain that leadership unless we are prepared to earn the people’s trust.  We urge you to act quickly and forcefully in taking a public stand against nepotism, cronyism and corruption.  It is simply the right thing to do. 

We hope that you will look favorably upon our proposal.  Thank you for your time and all of your efforts on behalf of the citizens of Delaware. 

Please feel free to contact Jim Ursomarso or Michael Fleming to discuss any ways we might support you.

Erin Boggs                 John Bonk                           Dave Burris                          John Clatworthy

Tom Conaty                David Dietz                          Ben du Pont                           Aimee Elson        

Michael Fleming        Donna Ianire                        Roger Kirtley                          Alan Levin           

Jon Layton                 Chris Long                           Ernie Lopez                           Scott Malfitano   

Bill Manning              John Moore                          Beth Moore                            Lisa Stone            

Matt Swanson           Jim Taylor                            Joseph Toner                         Jim Ursomarso   

Dana Walker              Rod Ward