Posted: Oct. 9, 2002


The Delaware Democratic Party called on the Delaware State Republican Committee and Jane Brady to reveal the truth about how they are paying for their recent radio ads attacking Attorney General candidate Carl Schnee. 

Brady and the Republican Party accuse Schnee of not telling “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” in a series of negative radio advertisements paid for by the Delaware State Republican Committee with funds raised by the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA), a group that Brady helped form in 1998 and chaired in 2000.

 “It’s time for the Republican Party to end their negative personal attacks against Carl Schnee, a former U.S. Attorney and civic leader, and tell the public the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about who’s paying for their radio advertisements,” said Democratic State Party Chairman Rick Bayard.  “Carl Schnee has been open and accountable about those who fund his campaign and pay for his campaign expenses.  Unfortunately, Brady’s support from the Republican State Committee remains hidden from the view of Delaware voters.”

 RAGA raises large sums of money from corporate wrongdoers like Enron and WorldCom, and then launders the money through the Republican National State Elections Committee before sending a significant amount on to the Delaware Republican Party for use in defending Brady as she runs for re-election. 

 “We’ve seen how Brady supporters plan to use this slush fund for Brady’s defense, as the Republican Party continues to personally attack Carl Schnee through radio ads instead of focusing on the real issues in this race.  Delaware voters need an Attorney General who will put justice first and politics last and provide real leadership to the fine professionals who work at the Department of Justice,” Bayard said.

 “Throughout his campaign, Carl Schnee has presented some disturbing truths about how Delaware’s Department of Justice has really been run under the current Attorney General,” Bayard continued.  “And Jane Brady has merely thrown up a smokescreen and hidden behind these distortions and negative ads.  It’s time for Jane Brady to reveal the truth about her performance at our Department of Justice, instead of hiding behind this veil of secrecy as she has done for so long.”

 As Republican Party Chair Everett Moore stated in a column in the Delaware State News this week, “The people of Delaware are not blind nor ignorant.  On the contrary, the citizens of this state are some of the best educated and civic minded in the country.”

 Bayard agreed with Moore’s assessment of Delaware voters stating, “Delawareans do not like the politics of secrecy and personal attacks that have plagued so many other states in recent years.  They know well enough that when Republicans are unwilling to disclose whose paying for their attack ads that something’s not right.”