Posted: Oct. 25, 2002


NEWPORT – Citing Jack Markell’s enduring commitment to the well-being of the citizens of Delaware, nearly seventy lawyers today declared their support for the State Treasurer’s re-election campaign. Markell’s opponent in November’s election, Ronald Poliquin, is currently a third-year law student at Widener University and studying to become a lawyer.

 “Jack is a real leader for the state of Delaware,” said Arthur G. Connolly III (Chip), a partner at Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz LLP, the Wilmington law firm. “He is devoted to ensuring the financial health of our state, but more importantly, he is committed to improving the lives of each and every Delawarean. He has proven his leadership capabilities over the past four years and I speak for many of my colleagues across the state when I say that I would be proud to have Jack Markell as my State Treasurer for another four years as well.”

Markell acknowledged the important role that Delaware’s lawyers play in maintaining the state’s unique place in the nation’s legal system and thanked them for their endorsement.

“It is a great honor for me to know that I have the support of so many distinguished members of Delaware’s bar,” Markell said. “If I am elected to another term this November, I pledge to continue to work to make the Treasurer’s office the best it can be and to help keep Delaware at the forefront of the nation’s legal community.”

The “Lawyers for Jack Markell” group, which continues to grow, comprises:

Julian H. Baumann, Jr., Benjamin J. Berger, Steven L. Biener, Ian C. Bifferato, Jack B. Blumenfeld, A. Kimberly Brosseit, David B. Brown, C. Malcolm Cochran IV, Arthur G. Connolly, Jr., Arthur G. Connolly III, Christopher A. Coons and L. Jason Cornell.

Also, Bartholomew J. Dalton, M. Edward Danberg, George Danneman, Eric M. Davis, Steven R. Director, Brian F. Dolan, John T. Dorsey, Charles J. Durante, Miriam F. Edell, John A. Elzufon, Glenn M. Engelmann and Timothy A. Frey.

Also, William S. Gee, Kelly D. Gelof, Jeffrey S. Goddess, Steven D. Goldberg, Perry F. Goldlust, Lisa B. Goodman, Donald L. Gouge, Jr., Lawrence A. Hamermesh, Julianne E. Hammond, Stephen E. Herrmann, Alan B. Horowitz, Michael Houghton and Frederick W. Iobst.

Also, Ann Marie Johnson, William D. Johnston, Craig A. Karsnitz, Robert J. Katzenstein, Daniel M. Kristol, Lewis H. Lazarus, Martin S. Lessner, Richard D. Levin, Richard A. Levine, Roger M. Levy, David J. Margules, David C. McBride, Charles S. McDowell, Edward R. McNamara and Ellen S. Meyer.

Also, Jonathan P. Neipris, James B. O’Neill, John W. Paradee, F. Michael Parkowski, Donald F. Parsons, Jr., Robert B. Pincus, Katherine Ann Pincus, Mark L. Reardon, Joseph A. Rosenthal, Collins J. Seitz, Melanie K. Sharp, Bruce M. Stargatt, David S. Swayze, Andrea B. Unterberger, Sheldon A. Weinstein and Edward P. Welch.