Posted: Oct. 21, 2002

State Republicans: Poll Shows Brady Ahead

 WILMINGTON -- The Delaware Republican Party today released a poll of likely Delaware voters showing an overwhelming lead for Attorney General Jane Brady in her bid for re-election.

The poll, performed by McLaughlin & Associates, one of the leading polling firms in the country, showed strong support for Attorney General Jane Brady.

If the election for Attorney General were held today and the candidates were Jane Brady (Republican), Carl Schnee (Democrat), and Vivian Houghton (Green Party), for who would you vote?

                Jane Brady              49%

                Carl Schnee             23%

                Vivian Houghton      7%

                Undecided               21%

"These numbers confirm what we have known all along, that Jane Brady has consistently demonstrated her abilities as Attorney General and the voters recognize that she is the best person for the job," said Eric Sutton, Executive Director of the Delaware Republican Party.

Sutton also pointed out that the polling numbers indicate the voters are rejecting Carl Schnee and his desperate attack ads distorting facts about Jane Brady and ads hiding his criminal defense background.

"Voters are not letting Carl Schnee get away with the fact that he was a failure as U.S. Attorney and he has spent most of his career defending violent criminals and insurance companies."

Nationally recognized pollster, John McLaughlin who conducted the poll agreed, "Jane Brady is on track for a sizable victory on November 5th.  It is clear the voters of Delaware believe Jane Brady is doing a great job as Attorney General."

"The only question left in this race is who will come in second place - Houghton or Schnee?" commented Sutton.  The poll shows Carl Schnee and Vivian Houghton in a closer race for second.

The survey was conducted from October 14-15 among 500 likely Delaware voters.  It has a margin of error of +/- 4.4%.