Brady:  Campaign Launches TV SPOT

Posted: Oct. 17, 2002

Attorney General Jane Brady’s campaign today launched the first television ads in the race for Attorney General.

The statewide television buy focuses on Attorney General Jane Brady’s accomplishments and progress in making Delaware’s schools safer, including her “bully proofing” program, which was initiated 4 months before the Columbine tragedy.

“Attorney General Jane Brady’s message – taking positive steps to make our society safer -- has clearly been resonating with Delaware voters,” said campaign manager Rick Smotkin. “We’re excited about sharing this message with a wider audience in our ongoing effort to highlight the incredible work Jane Brady has done -- not just by prosecuting criminals, but by providing tools to Delawareans to prevent violent crimes.” Brady herself narrates the ad:

“It used to be the biggest worry our teachers had was kids cutting class.  But times have changed. Today, our teachers face much bigger problems. If schools aren’t safe, a teacher can’t teach and our children can’t learn. That’s why as your Attorney General, I’ve fought for safe schools.  I implemented the school violence hotline, and programs to train students and teachers to prevent bullying in our schools. Working together, we can keep Delaware’s schools safe.”

The spot was produced by the Murphy Pintak Gautier Hudome Agency, Inc., media and consulting firm of Falls Church, Virginia.  The ad began airing this morning statewide.  The campaign plans to run on TV statewide through Election Day.