Posted: Jan. 5, 2004

Joe Lieberman became the first candidate to advertise in Delaware today, unveiling a TV ad touting his bold plan to cut taxes for 98 percent of taxpayers, and a radio ad featuring his state campaign chairman, Senator Tom Carper.

The 30-second radio ad features Carper -- the state’s junior senator and former Governor -- telling Delaware voters that “Lieberman is a man of integrity, of honesty, and intellect. He has bold ideas to move our country forward.  He's our best chance to defeat George Bush in November.”

“Joe Lieberman has spent thirty years rejecting the extremes of both parties to fight for what’s right,” Carper says in the radio ad. “More than any other candidate, Joe Lieberman has invested his personal time and attention in Delaware. And as a result, he understands what matters most to the people of our state.”

Lieberman has visited Delaware three times -- more than any other candidate -- and his family members have made five visits to the state.  The ad, which is airing on radio stations throughout the state, also touts Lieberman’s support from Lieutenant Governor John Carney and State Treasurer Jack Markell.

The television ad, entitled “Bold,” touts Lieberman’s unique plan to cut taxes for 98 percent of taxpayers.  Lieberman was the first candidate to offer such a sweeping tax fairness plan, more than than 2 months ago.  The ad is airing in the Salisbury, Maryland TV market, which covers southern Delaware.

“It’s a bold idea - to cut taxes for 98% of America’s taxpayers,” the television ad’s announcer says.  “That’s Joe Lieberman’s plan to help middle class families who’ve been abandoned by George Bush.  A sweeping income tax cut of up to 10%.  Up to $2800 per family.  It’s fiscally sound and fair.  Paid for by making big companies and the wealthiest pay more.  Joe Lieberman understands that when you strengthen the middle class you strengthen America.”

Both ads can be viewed online at . They began airing yesterday and was produced by Integrity Minded Media, a collaboration of Lieberman media consultant Mandy Grunwald and pollster Mark Penn.