Posted: Jan. 20, 2003


DOVER -- Governor Ruth Ann Minner would like Delawareans to come to her office and chat. 

Starting Friday, Jan. 31, the governor will hold regular sessions in her Dover and Wilmington offices to allow residents to talk with her one-on-one. The first “Open Door After 4” session will be in her Dover office in the Tatnall Building next to Legislative Hall. 

“I talk daily with my constituents when traveling up and down the state,” Gov. Minner said. “But I know there are some people I haven’t seen who have issues they’d like to talk to me about. I hope they will take advantage of ‘Open Door After 4’ so they have that chance.” 

Delawareans interested in participating will need to call the governor’s office to set up an appointment. Each person will have five minutes to talk about a topic of his/her choice. They just need to name their topic when they call to schedule their appointment. Participants also will need to provide their name, address, telephone number, social security number and date of birth for security purposes.  

The governor plans to hold “Open Door After 4” regularly. The sessions will alternate between her Dover and Wilmington offices and will generally last about two hours. The deadline to call for an appointment will be three days prior to the “Open Door After 4” sessions. For the first session, the deadline is 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 28. 

“I’m looking forward to hearing from my fellow Delawareans about issues of interest and concern to them,” Gov. Minner said. “I’m always eager to hear from my constituents and this will offer another opportunity for them to talk with me face-to-face.” 

Any individual interested in setting up an appointment to talk to the governor on Jan. 31 should call Press/Policy Assistant Kelli Steele at 302-744-4220.