Posted: Dec. 8, 2003

Today General Clark announced his Turnaround Plan for America: a five-part plan to tackle our toughest domestic challenges and get America moving forward again. He also included his goals for Delaware.

Each day for five days, Clark will discuss one benchmark for success. “These are goals that I want voters to hold me accountable to,” Clark
explained. “I will meet them. And I will do so while reducing the deficit each and every year."

“I’m running for president because I want to provide the leadership that will get us going in the right direction – and I have a Turnaround Plan to do just that,”
Clark said.

During his thirty-four years in the U.S. Army, Clark
led the way in making sure soldiers and their families had good health care, fair wages, excellent schools and access to Head Start programs.

Clark laid out the lessons he learned in the army and plans to apply as our president. He stated that he will “set clear, ambitious goals, always be accountable for my decisions, and always be straight with the American people.”

Today, Clark focused on the economy. “Under President Bush, the average family income has dropped by almost $1,500 a year. We’re going to turn it around. After four years of my economic policies, family incomes will be up $3,000.
It’s time we put money back into America’s wallets," he said.

“In the past three years, Delaware has lost more than 2,500 jobs. I will invest $224 million to reverse that situation. I will also increase the average family income in Delaware by $3,000, direct $224 million into job creation in Delaware, $112 million through investment in Homeland Security and $112 million in fiscal relief, and reduce the budget deficit, which continues to directly and indirectly burden the Delaware economy."

John Oldfield, Clark Campaign state director for Delaware, said from his office in Wilmington, “Wes Clark’s Turnaround Plan for America will give Delaware voters the opportunity to find out precisely how Wes Clark’s presidency would directly affect their families.”

Tomorrow, Clark will continue to discuss his Turnaround Plan. He will be focusing on the environment. On Wednesday, Clark will concentrate on higher education. On Thursday, Clark will talk about child poverty. Finally on Friday, Clark will address the plight of those without health insurance.

“We need to get back to the simple principle that it’s the duty of leaders to look after the people they lead – not just themselves.  Most of us keep our part of that bargain – we work hard, pay taxes, and play by the rules.  Leaders have to keep their part of the bargain too – and they have to expect to be held accountable,” Clark concluded.  “As President, I promise that I’ll never forget that.  Working together, we’re going to turn America around, one step at a time.”