Posted: Aug. 27, 2003

WASHINGTON, D.C. - EMILY’s List, the largest financial resource for women running for elective office, today announced its support for Governor Ruth Ann Minner in her bid for re-election to the state’s highest post.

EMILY’s List will recommend Minner to its nationwide network of members, opening the door to tens of thousands of donors eager to help re-elect Minner to Delaware’s chief executive position.

Since becoming Delaware’s first woman governor in 2000, Minner has skillfully handled a number of politically challenging situations. She pushed through a budget that eliminated a $300 million gap without hurting families that depend on vital services, such as education and health care. In fact, a June 2003 USA Today analysis identified Delaware as one of the three bestfiscally managed states in the nation. Minner took giant steps towards improving the health care system in Delaware when she introduced a wide-ranging patients’ bill of rights just days after taking office in 2001.

“Governor Ruth Ann Minner has shown strong leadership during these times of economic hardship,” said EMILY’s List President Ellen R. Malcolm. “Gov. Minner brings nearly 30 years of experience in civic service to the table and is committed to keeping state spending in check while continuing to make quality education and health care a priority.”

“The support of EMILY’s in my first election for governor was vital to my campaign and I’m thrilled to have their early support once again,” said Gov. Minner. “My efforts during the economic recession to make responsible decisions – not using shortcuts or gimmicks to balance our budget – have made Delaware a leader among the states.”

In its 18-year history, EMILY’s List has helped elect seven women governors, 11 women to the United States Senate and 55 women to the U.S. House of Representatives. In the 2002 elections, EMILY’s List and its almost 73,000 members contributed nearly $9.7 million to pro-choice Democratic women candidates; members contributed $23 million to fund EMILY’s List operations and political program, including the nationwide WOMEN VOTE! project to mobilize women voters on behalf of Democrats.