Posted: April 6, 2003


DOVER -- Governor Ruth Ann Minner delivered the nationwide weekly radio address on behalf of Democrats Saturday, following the President’s weekly radio address. The following is the text of her address:

“Good morning. This is Governor Ruth Ann Minner of Delaware. 

“This week, with our troops fighting abroad and our nation on high alert here at home, the Congress considered President Bush’s request to provide emergency funding for our military to complete its mission in Iraq, along with additional resources for homeland security and humanitarian aid. 

“Congressional Democrats and Republicans quickly agreed to provide our brave men and women in Iraq with the resources they need to fight the war. Our troops are risking their lives for our security and well-being. They deserve the means to finish the job and return to their families. We wish them Godspeed. 

“Here at home, Secretary Ridge, the President’s head of the Homeland Security Department, tells us there is high risk of another terrorist attack.  We don’t know when or where the next attack will come. But we do know who will protect us when it does: our police, firefighters, public health and emergency medical personnel. They are our neighbors, our family, our friends, and, like our troops, they are ready to risk their lives for us. They are our ‘hometown’ security. 

“Last week, a bipartisan group of governors from across the country asked that Congress provide funding for fire, police and EMS workers when it considered the supplemental appropriations for the military action in Iraq. 

“This week during the course of its consideration, Congress debated how much funding should be provided for homeland security and where it should go. There were speeches and number crunching.  There was lobbying by many interests. 

“Unfortunately, all of that did not produce sufficient resources for the police, fire, health and medical personnel in our states who are training to meet new threats, learning to use sophisticated new equipment and preparing for the unthinkable. 

“More funding from the federal government would’ve put more police and more firefighters on our streets and better communication technology in their hands.  But, Republicans in Congress -- following the President’s lead -- declined to support what governors considered the necessary level of resources. 

“In the coming months, as Washington pledges to provide our troops with the supplies they need to win the war, I hope the President and the Republicans in Congress will revisit this decision and do more to provide for our hometown security.  

“I hope they will supply the resources needed to improve the border and coastline security, to protect airports, railroads, ports, nuclear plants and mass transit systems, and to enhance our defenses against bioterrorism and cyberterrorism. 

“The National Homeland Security Strategy is built upon the well-prepared men and women who are our hometown security and the costs should be shared by the nation. 

“Whether in the Middle East or in America, the brave and selfless individuals who have pledged to protect us deserve our support. They should know that we are proud of their sacrifices, and that they are ever in our prayers. 

“Thank you and God bless America.” 

You can listen to the Governor’s address on the Governor’s website at or by calling (302) 744-4000.